About Matt Smith

For as long as I can remember cars have been my passion, passed down from my father.
I would spend hours listening to my dad and his brother talking about cars on a Sunday afternoon.

When I was 10 I would turn to the back pages of dads latest car magazine and study the classified section, watching the values rise or fall.

My first car was a Peugeot 205 GTI. I bought the best example I could afford at the time.
This was my first experience behind the wheel of a 80s hot hatch and where the passion for a hot hatch really started. I also learnt what lift off oversteer is, however thats a separate story!

Before this ever became a business it was about my passion for cars. The excitement of finding that car that’s been loved, looked after and (this is really important to me) left as original.
It’s not the value of the car – I can get as excited by a 80s Ford as I would by a Ferrari.
It’s the history: having a sense of where it’s been, what it’s seen, how much it’s been someone’s hard-saved for obsession.

Matt Smith | Smith Classic and Performance Cars

About the cars

If you’re looking for a car that needs a bit of work, I’m afraid my cars aren’t for you!
I take pride in having real attention to detail. All our cars are hand-picked; sometimes having to travel the length of the country. They must meet my strict criteria for condition, originality and provenance.
I take a lot of time sourcing Original Equipment Manufacture parts.
Every car will have low mileage and a complete history file.

I want you to get under the bonnet and see quality.
I want you to get inside and see an interior that looks like its never been sat in.
I want you to come and view one of my cars and think – wow, it’s just what it looks like in the pictures.
I want you to ask me as many questions as you like and find out that what the advert said is the truth. And when you drive away in that car, you’ll still know it’s the truth.

I’m fussy. If a car is on my site, it’s rare and it’s special, so you won’t see many. But they’ll be worth it with real investment potential and of collector quality. Equally, you won’t see a wide spectrum of cars. My passion is for hot-hatches from the 80s and 90s. Real niche classics – desirable and unique.

Any work that is required on our cars we outsource to our hand-picked contacts. The benefit of this is we have full control over quality of work, ensuring it meets our exacting standards.
All invoices will be added to the service history file and will even include costs.

Please take a look at our gallery of previous stock as well as the current stock and you’ll get an idea of the type of car you will find here.

About the customer experience I provide

The advert will be accurate. I won’t hide any faults – I can’t think of a flaw that I’d be willing to accept, but if there is something, you’ll know what you’re getting.
I know that you will be a fanatic about the car – you’ll be educated about the model and you’ll know what to expect. But even then, buying any car is a big decision, and may represent a significant investment for you. I will use my experience and expertise to help you with this – I won’t try to sell you a car that I think isn’t right for you or me. An investment like this should be exciting, non-pressured and you should drive away in a car that you love.